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First Devotional to Dis Pater

I'm sorry if this is a little hastily written - I'm still thinking it all over.

I've just completed my first devotional to Dis Pater, and I feel quite satisfied with it. I haven't done a ritual since Yule. Things have improved since then - my back is no longer hurting me, I've meditated more frequently. I wanted to do one before my Menlis Februarius ritual, a ritual that in many ways will resemble Imbolc which I'll develop upon later.

The ritual lasted just over twenty minutes. I've drafted what I feel if a fairly complete devotional, with different offerings to the nature spirits, the ancestors, my pantheon and a 'focus deity'. A patron of sorts, since I've never felt one to have selected me specifically. Dis Pater has helped me before when sought, I thought it right for my first real devotional to be to him.

My offerings were flax seeds to the land spirits, red wine to the ancestors, salt for the Old Ones, and special fragrance oil for Dis Pater. Initially, I placed the offering of oil in the burner, but then also added a few drops to the well - He is an underworld deity. The spell of the oil makes me feel a greater connection, but I think that the well is the right vehicle for the offering.

For my Yule ritual, for the omen, I asked for guidance. In reply to my post, myrdynna suggested i read the omen as just that - a response to the ritual itself. I had erred in my approach to it. I changed my way for this devotional, drawing three tarot cards to reflect if the offerings had been accepted, what guidance could be offered to my mundane life, and what guidance was offered to my spiritual pursuits.

I take the 3 of Pentacles to mean that I'm off to a good start, that my efforts are noted.

I drew the Judgement card in reference to mundane matters. I've been putting into effect some study and career changes. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

In spiritual matters, I drew Tempereace reversed. I took this to mean hesitance, care, and understanding - maybe the slightest bit of caution. I've actually had the opportunity to maybe work with a local coven, something I'd enjoy but feel a wee bit nervous about. There are so many things I want to learn, to seek and understand. I'll have to be careful to not get involved with too many things at once.

For this complete of a devotional, I'd like to work my way to committing around 40 minutes and doing it once or twice a week.
I'm planning a simpler devotional, a shorter  one with simpler offerings to be done daily.



June 2008

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